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Throwback Thursday: Long Beach, 2008

March 27, 2014

In October 2008 I headed to the West Coast to visit my old college roommate, Ashley and her then boyfriend (now husband) Greg. Ash was in a doctoral program at Cal Tech, so I did a long weekend out in Pasadena.

First time at the Pacific Ocean! Long Beach, CA. 2008.

First time at the Pacific Ocean! Long Beach, CA. 2008.


It was a whirlwind trip, and it was also when I realized that I can’t stand taking a red eye back to the east coast! We spent time in Pasadena, ate at some great places, made a late-night run to Disneyland and went down to Long Beach to see the Aquarium of the Pacific (it was awesome) and for me to put my feet into the Pacific Ocean!

Ash snapped this pic as I was headed to the water at sunset. The beaches were a lot steeper and not as wide as I am used to on the east coast… at least not were we were. But it was such a cool experience and a great trip. Definitely need more time in Southern California… at the very least so I can try In and Out Burger again!

Um, on a side note… I don’t know what is up with these pants. Could the leg be any wider? Eek! Got rid of these!

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