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The Cincinnati Food Photo Tour

February 2, 2015

I went back to my wonderful hometown over the holidays and I ate. And I ate, and ate. A few years ago I talked about some of my faves here. There are very few “home cooked” meals when I am in in town because I am so excited about having food that I can’t have in the South. In fact, there are never enough days in my trips to eat in all of the places I want to eat. Not to mention the places I loved that have closed. My friends rock and put up with by restaurant hopping antics with a smirk. Heck, the Bestie even stocks up on my favorite Cincinnati snacks before I get there (Grippo’s BBQ potato chips, Husmann’s Pretzels, Mike Sell’s chips)! I kind of blew up my Instagram feed with pictures of food and now you get to see them!

Montgomery Inn

BBQ from Montgomery Inn

BBQ from Montgomery Inn

Oh, I love me some Montgomery Inn! It is a little more sweet of a sauce, but so good. I love their ribs, but opted for the pulled chicken. The best side is the homemade chips… which you dip in the BBQ sauce! Montgomery Inn is pretty famous in Cincy and if you are from there it is where you take out of town people to. Go visit. Especially the Boat House location on the river.

Graeter’s Ice Cream

The Graeters Milkshake

The Graeter’s Milkshake

We love us some ice cream in Cincinnati. We have a ridiculous number of ice cream places and brands. It is not unusual to see a line in the drive through at this place in the dead of winter. This stuff is so good that even Oprah listed it as one of her favorite things. They make the ice cream using and old method and do it in small batches…. I love every flavor. Luckily, you can get it in grocery stores in the South in small pints…. but you can’t get a milkshake. It was the first place I stopped when I got into town!



Izzy's Sandwich Shop

Izzy’s Sandwich Shop

OMG. It is so good. It use to be a special treat when I was little for my mom to take me downtown to eat at Izzy’s. Now they have several locations all over the city but they have the BEST reuben sandwich. And the best potato pancakes and the best pickles… all homemade. Seriously, I am hungry just thinking about it. Yes, I eat my potato pancake and sandwich with a side of spicy mustard.

Boston Market

Boston Market

Boston Market

Okay, Okay…. Boston Market is not a Cincinnati company. However, I LOVE the place and they do not have ANY in my southern state. I cannot tell you how many times it is dinner time and I will say… I wish there was a Boston Market here. So, it makes my list when I am in Cincy. Roast chicken, fresh veggies and those mashed potatoes… plus those little corn muffins! LOVE IT! And side note… anyone in my area want to open one, I promise to frequent on a weekly basis!

Aglamesis Brothers Ice Cream

Aglamesis menu

Aglamesis menu

The Swiss Chocolate Sundae

The Swiss Chocolate Sundae


I also love me some Aglamesis Brother’s Ice Cream. They do not have a drive through, but an ADORABLE old time ice cream shop that dates back to the early 1900s. I mean it is precious. My fave is the Swiss Chocolate…. homemade vanilla ice cream with homemade chocolate whip cream. I mean, so good.


Skyline Chili

Chili Cheese Sandwiches from Skyline

Chili Cheese Sandwiches from Skyline


Sing it with me now…. “Feeling good and hungry skyline time!” It is an acquired taste, I admit it, but it is so good. I’ve talked about the three way here , but pictured above are two chili cheese sandwiches. I’m serious when I say that I pretty much inhale these. I am also drooling thinking about them. I actually saw the staff at one location wearing cute Skyline shirts saying it is a “Cincinnati thing”… I need to find one!


Servtti's cake

Servatii’s cake

I think I was spoiled as a child to be surrounded by good family owned bakeries…. because they sure as heck don’t exist down here. So I was thrilled when the Bestie’s husband ordered a cake for our New Year’s party. Servatii’s is so good. I don’t know what it is about the place, but I adore it. If I could have brought the cake back with me I would have.

Snappy Tomato Pizza

Snappy Tomato Pizza- The Beast!

Snappy Tomato Pizza- The Beast!

I get the most random craving for Snappy. It was great, you could always stop in after school and buy a slice for a snack. The Beast is their biggest pizza which can feed like 10 people… or 15 elementary school kids. I can’t tell you how often we had these at school parties! It is something about the sauce that makes it so good!


Frisch’s Big Boy



Frisch's Peanut Butter Pie

Frisch’s Peanut Butter Pie

I really love the Big Boy burgers at Frisch’s and the onion rings and the salad bar and the hot fudge cake…. the list goes on. I actually didn’t have time to eat there while in town, so I waited to have lunch on my drive back until I got to one of the last exits in Kentucky that had a Frisch’s. I got a Big Boy and ate in the car and a piece of pie, which I put in the back of the car and saved for a billion hours until I made it back home!

*I should note I also got a malt from UDF, but didn’t take a pic!



Places that I miss that are 1) no longer in business or 2) have changed owners and just are not the same for me: F&N Steakhouse, Walt’s Hitching Post, the Glass Menagerie, Bombay Bicycle Club, the Green Derby, Behle Street Cafe, the Conservatory, Crockett’s on the River, Mike Fink and sooooo many other places.


Places that I love but didn’t have time to get to: LaRosa’s, Busken Bakery, Pompillio’s, Oriental Wok, Arnold’s, Barlycorn’s… and some others I’m sure I forgot.

So, if you are traveling to Cincinnati be sure to check out these places!!!

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