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Camera in Hand. At the Irondale Cafe, outside Birmingham, AL.

I am a recently turned thirty-two yearold (eek!) who grew up a Yankee in a place I like to call ‘The Fort’ and moved to the South fourteen years ago for college… and I stayed. I have a number of degrees and work at my alma mater ‘ The College.’ I have a strong love for my old home and my adopted one and will chronicle a lot of the difference I have noticed over the years here. This will also talk about my crazy, dysfunctional, and wonderful family as well as my amazing friends who are my other family. Seeing as I attended or was in TEN weddings in 2010 of some of those friends, there will be LOTS of talk here about those weddings and the babies that are starting to arrive from those!  For more info on my background and what a Damn Yankee actually is, see my first entry:

A few names to be aware of as this blog goes on:

– MG. A sweet little girl who was going to be my step-sister, but it didn’t work out between the parents. We still see her and she makes an appearance here on occasion.

– Gail, my college roommate and good friend from The Fort and her hubby Puff (who I previously referred to as Beamer, but am going over to Puff to be in line with her blog and a number of other reasons). Also, their sweet little toddler- Bimmer.

– My Best Friend and the woman I have ‘adopted’ as my sister, referred to as ‘The Bestie’ and her hubby Mikey. Plus their toddler daughter, and my sweet little niece, who I call LiLi (or LeeLee, pending the day).

– TT, one of my other close friends from the Fort and her hubby Mattie. PLUS, their sweet little boy Graham!

– EWH, one of my friends who went to grad school with me and now lives about 5 minutes away from my house.

– Pinkster, Biner and Rach… three great friends from college who I still hangout with a fair bit!

– A number of other people will also make an appearance!

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