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Signs I’m Getting Old

March 26, 2014

Ok… I know my early 30s are not that old in the grand scheme of things, but it feels old to me. My boss is ten years older than me, and it is pretty common for me to give him crap about that, but recently he has started dishing it back to me since my grad staff is now ten years younger than me.

Hanging with Bimmer earlier this month. I can run after a 22 month old... I'm not THAT old, right?

Hanging with Bimmer earlier this month. I can run after a 22 month old… I’m not THAT old, right?

While that is all in good fun, a few things have happened in recent weeks that glaringly pointed out to me how I’m getting older. And honestly, many of them are kind of funny.

  • I got a statement from my insurance company that let me know I had hit my deductible. This was the first time this has ever happened and I was excited. So would not have cared at all ten years ago.
  • I have become ridiculously knowledgeable about how to process an estate after a death. As I’ve mentioned my Nana passed away this summer and my Dad has been the executor of the estate, so I’ve heard all about it. I had no idea it took so long and was so detailed! I mean it has been seven months and it is still in process. Not to mention how much drama has been involved with trying to sell her condo!
  • Gail and I were catching up recently and these were the topics covered in the course of an hour: mortgages, percent of salary that goes into savings, 401ks and Roth IRAs, health insurance. Not movies, books, shopping or even gossip…. but money and insurance (and how much it costs… so more money).
  • The Bestie and I were talking the other day and she starts telling me about how LiLi, who just turned three, has started that fun toddler development moment of asking why. Not asking why to be annoying, but asking why because she wants to know why it matters. In the typical response of someone who doesn’t have kids: I started laughing hysterically. I mean really, it was funny. She describes it as being interrogated by a pint-sized person. Why do you work? Why do you need money? Why do you have to pay for that?
  • Sometimes, when I am walking across campus, I have to work very hard to control my reactions to the conversations I overhear from students. Such as how drunk they got last night, the hookup they had the weekend before, or something derogatory about someone else (usually about a roommate issue or about someone’s weight). I’m often rolling my eyes, sometimes if it is really out of line I will stop them and call them out on it, but often I’m just shaking my head… so far removed from those moments and immaturity anymore.
  • I had another conversation about retirement plans today with the executive assistant in our office… it is like the topic never ends.
  • When doing yoga, I’m the one who has creaking knees in the otherwise silent room.
  • I don’t even have kids and I talk a lot about potty training… considering the Bestie has a 3 year old, Gail has a 22 month old and TT has a 14 month old.
  • I’m intentional about taking my vitamins and fighting off colds as early as possible!
  • I occasionally start freaking out that I’m developing a receding hair line (seriously, look at these pictures… those of you who know me… does it look like my forehead is bigger? I’m freaking out!)

So yep.. these are the topics that I’m often talking about. I’m getting old folks!

Luckily I've got nieces and nephews to keep me young!

Luckily I’ve got nieces and nephews to keep me young!


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