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Throwback Thursday: Comps Celebration, 2006

January 22, 2015

About 8 years ago at this time, I was frantically studying for COMPS. Short for The Big Scary End of Grad School Comprehensive Exam. Four to five hours at a computer answering questions about 15-18 classes covering anything and everything over two years of a grad program. Talk about stressful. But after it is the celebration.

Group pic post comps

Group pic post comps


From left to right my closest friends from my grad cohort: Me, Vicki, Elizabeth, Liz and EWH. Flowers and champagne were necessary!

Vick and Liz both have toddlers now and Elizabeth is pregnant with twins. We’ve all been going back and forth over group messages the past few days trying to find a good weekend to have a reunion before four little addition feet are added to the world! I am so excited about seeing them all sometime this spring I wanted to go back to this moment…. where we were all so excited to be done with a major part of our educations!


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