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No One Retires Up North

March 30, 2014

Another Pinterest find that I’ve found true (more often than not).

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

“Say what you want about the South but no one ever retires and moves up North.” Unless there are grand kids involved, I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone leaving a non-Northern area of the country and moving North to retire. In fact, more and more of my friends who are not from the South are seeing their parents move South. It has actually been a bonus for a lot of my friend groups because we have all of the sudden had places to have group reunions on the South Carolina, Georgia and Florida coasts! Blame it on the usually nice weather and often cheaper cost of living… not to mention the good food and nice people 🙂

I’d totally retire here…. in like another, what 40 years? (IDK, who knows what retirement age will be when I get there).

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