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Translation Tuesday: Croakies

February 25, 2014

“What is up with that thing on the back of the guys sunglasses?”I can’t tell you how often I have gotten this from people who are not from the South when they come down to visit.

These are croakies. I have absolutely no idea where the term came from , but they are the epitome of Southerness. They are very popular amongst men in fraternities, but their use is not limited to that group. Lots of people wear them. Heck, I even have some! They are great as a way to not misplace your sunglasses. Better as a safety measure to not lose them really. People often let them (and the glasses attached to them) hang about the neck when not wearing the sunglasses over the eyes. Lots of them come with monograms, the names of organizations or college logos along the back.

Croakies… one of the perfect Southern accessories.

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