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Throwback Thursday: The RLT, 2010

February 20, 2014

I miss these two people. This is from August 2010 and I was in my last couple weeks working at Country Club College. Actually, this may have even been my going away party!

The RLT, August 2010

The RLT, August 2010

I’m in the center. To my left is my dear friend Eddie and to the right my friend Greer. Eddie and I went to grad school together and have known each other for nearly a decade now. He started working at CCC a year before I came on board, Greer came on board at the end of my first year. So the three of us got to work together through some amazing highs and crazy lows over a three year period. Together we formed the RLT: the Res Life Trio. It was so awesome to work with two people I could always count on. These two, along with my awesome boss there- JC, the super cool TP- the best admin assistant ever, and Carol- the adopted mom were the best people ever to work with. It was a huge part of what made Country Club College such a great experience.Oh, and the awesome students!

Miss these folks!

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