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Throwback Thursday: Masters Graduation, May 2006

January 9, 2014

A quick and very educational two years gave me a lot of experience, a lot of learning and some great friends… along with a graduate school degree on my wall.

The girls ready for our hooding ceremony for out masters degrees

The girls ready for our hooding ceremony for out masters degrees

I had a great group of friends in grad school and four ladies in particular that I was really close to. I’m lucky to still be friends with these ladies, even though we live all over the place. From left to right, Liz, Me, EWH, Vicki and Bee. Also know as the “Equation.” It just took too long to say all of our names, so we became the equation… we always added up to a  great time (corny, I know).

This picture was taken on campus, in front of a statue that is very important to our grad program. Legend says you can’t touch the statue until you have taken your comprehensive exam. If you touch it early you fail the exam and the program. We all waited until we passed to touch it! All the way back to May 2006… my, how time flyies!

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