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Fun Break

January 13, 2014

Ok, it is the first day of classes and the first Monday of the semester… which means it was complete and total chaos for me today. It started out with massive traffic on the commute, traffic on campus, caramel leaked onto my pants from a pie I carried into the office (there was a birthday celebration), there were multiple issues with exchange student bills and schedules so there were people in and out of the office all day and my phone didn’t stop ringing. Don’t get me started on the parents. I was close to a massive headache at 4:40 so I packed it up and headed home (for a nap, seriously… that kind of day).

So, I needed a funny to lighten my mood after all of the chaos… this is what I found. Enjoy!

whale whale whale

whale whale whale


Come on, this is funny, right? I had a little chuckle and went right on singing “Just another manic Monday” in my head. Here is hoping tomorrow is a little less crazy!

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