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Christmas Cards

December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas Eve! It’s a holiday, so no Translation Tuesday today! As I’ve made my way through the holiday season, I realize I actually left something off the holiday bucket list I made a few weeks ago: Christmas cards!

I’ve been a little anti-Christmas cards for the past couple of years. I have a really large, large, LARGE extended family and a lot of friends, so I was sending between 80-90 Christmas cards a few years ago. I write a personal note in each one and it just takes time. So for the last couple years I have sent, maybe 10, but people were awesome and kept sending me cards. And lets be honest, its nice to get mail… especially non-bill related mail. And I do like to send cards, I figure I’m doing my little part to help keep the US Postal Service in business. Then, I’ve had at least four separate people ask me if I was going to send cards this year, because they like mine so much. Isn’t that a nice compliment? My friend Claire told me that I always send such cute and unique cards and she can’t wait to get them every year. That sealed the deal for me- I was sending cards again this year.

I cut down though- I only sent 45 this year, so every extended cousin around the country didn’t get one. The furthest one went to my awesome cousin Dani who lives in Australia. Granted, it will be 2014 before she gets its it… but I sent one! I buy my cards after Christmas when they are on sale and send them the next year. I buy colorful cards, pretty cards, funny cards, sometimes Santa themed cards and sometimes religious themed cards… it depends on my mood. I tend to stay away from the animals and winter scenes though. Here are some of the cards I sent this year:

Glittery Reindeer Card

Glittery Reindeer Card

The glittery reindeer card was my favorite this year- so festive. It was covered in glitter, so I made sure that I sent this one to Gail and Puff… because she doesn’t like glitter. I swear, we really love each other.

Ho Ho Ho Card

Ho Ho Ho Card

The photo is a little blurry, but the first H and then the second two O’s are raised… very cute!

Believe in Santa

Believe in Santa

Another blurry and not great photo, but it is a Believe in Santa card… such a sweet message!

Those are a sampling of the cards for this year… and I’m happy I did. So, did you send Christmas cards this year? Am I nuts for cutting down my list? Do you have a place to get the best cards. My most favorite cards ever are from Allport, and I think I may just order them in bulk for next year, I mean who doesn’t love a Southern Christmas card?

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