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Holiday Season Bucket List

December 9, 2013

As a kid, I loved the holiday season. I would count down to it and count down to it… singing Christmas carols and wanting to decorate the house from top to bottom and of course, waiting for Santa. Then helping Santa as I got older. I still generally love the Christmas season,  it is still magical and the celebration of Christ’s birth is always in my mind. But it has definitely had its highs and lows as I’ve gotten older. There have been some years where I’ve not even wanted to put up the tree. This year though, I’m throwing myself into it. In fairness, it is a bit of a distraction to keep my mind off of my original December plans, but I’m going with it. So, here is my holiday bucket list for the craziness that is December in my life…

The tree! So much for the ease of the pre-lit tree... I had to make a Target run to buy lights to add to it this year!

The tree! So much for the ease of the pre-lit tree… I had to make a Target run to buy lights to add to it this year!

  1. Help with an Adopted Family Project (Done)
  2. See the Nutcracker
  3. Holiday Shopping Girls Nights
  4. Hitting up holiday craft fairs and shopping at local boutiques (Done)
  5. Watch my favorite holiday movies (White Christmas, The Family Stone, The Holiday, The Santa Clause, Little Women, Home Alone)
  6. Visit Charleston, SC to see it decorated
  7. Lights at the Zoo!
  8. Watch my football team win their bowl game 🙂
  9. Attend a Holiday party or six (Four down…)
  10. Ice Skating
  11. Drive around and look at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music with the Bestie!
  12. Christmas Baking (so much baking) and cookie decorating!
  13. Attend a holiday concert
  14. Drink hot apple cider (Three cups downed already)
  15. Spend time with my family and friends (this is hands down my favorite, followed by the cider)
  16. Go to church on Christmas Eve
  17. Attend a Christmas parade
  18. Decorate the house and look at all of the favorite family ornaments
  19. Sing Christmas songs and listen to them all day long
  20. SLEEP! I’m looking forward to two weeks off of work!
  21. Walk though campus and see it decorated for the holidays
  22. Enjoy snow that is blown from a snow machine… because that is the only snow I see here blowing in the air!

So, what am I forgetting? A movie, an event, some tradition I’ve forgotten? I know there is something! What is on your Holiday Bucket list?


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