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Throwback Thursday: Christmas Day, 2000

December 26, 2013

Christmas Day in December 2000 was during my first year of college. I had survived a semester of being 500+ miles away from home. I made it through fall in the deep south and went back to life above the Mason-Dixon line for a long holiday break. My first holiday giving constant complaints about how I’d “adapted to the weather in the South and I was freezing my converted southern ass off.” I still say this every time I am up there in cold weather.

This is a picture of me (I was so blonde, what was I thinking?!) with my Grandma and my four cousins- from left to right… Sean, Ryan, Zak, Tyler.

Christmas Day 2000... Me with my Grandma and cousins.

Christmas Day 2000… Me with my Grandma and cousins.

Christmas was always a happy time for me as a kid. Its bittersweet to see this photo… such great memories, but it makes me miss all the people in it. My Grandmother passed away in 2004 and since I made the decision to live in the South, I don’t keep in touch with my cousins or their mom and dad all that much, which is rather sad. Such is life. Still, lots of great memories with these people and this was definitely a fun day! But seriously, what was I thinking with that dye job? And the eyebrows too?! Too funny.

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