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Yummy Zucchini Boats!

January 27, 2012

I made the best side dish the other night. So, I got suckered into this Pinterest thing earlier this month. I haven’t entirely figured out how it works, but I have been enjoying finding different recipes, one being these lovely zucchini boats.


  • A couple of zucchini (organic is best)
  • Olive oil
  • Crushed garlic, salt and pepper
  • Dry or fresh basil
  • Cherry or grape tomatoes
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Fine bread crumbs



1)      Wash and dry zucchini and tomatoes, slice length ways

2)      Scoop a bit of the center out of each zucchini so that the other items can sit in the zucchini

3)      Mark a few notches on the back of each zucchini so that it won’t roll around in the pan

4)      Mix olive oil, garlic, basil, salt and pepper together… brush over zucchini

5)      Place sliced tomatoes in scooped out zucchini, arrange bread crumbs in area between tomatoes

6)      Place in a dish with tall sides, bake in oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes

7)      Remove from oven and cover veggies with mozzarella and a little olive oil. Put under broiler for a few minutes.

Serve as a side dish, it is great! I am going to add a bit more garlic next time, but I really enjoyed these. Super easy and look, I actually made something off of Pinterest!

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