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Wednesday Wedding Tips: Comfortable Shoes Needed!

August 24, 2011

Really, I have enough material on weddings to have this weekly tip thing go on for months. After all the weddings from last year it can keep going. Today’s topic is an important one for all the ladies out there attending or being in a wedding: SHOES.

Do not underestimate the utter importance of great looking, yet comfortable shoes. Really comfortable. Seriously you are in the damn things for hours! Not only do they need to look adorable, be high enough to work with the length of the dress, but if you are a bridesmaid you need to stand in them for twenty plus minutes in front of a room full of people and not fidget. No small task thankyouverymuch. There is this whole trick to standing at an angle and locking your knees in a semi-bent position, not straight-legged and locked. No one wants a fidgety bridesmaid on a wedding video.

It actually has become a tradition to take a picture of shoes at weddings I partake in anymore. There are some cute shots of all my girlfriends, but the pictures are from the knee down. Or, whatever pair of heels I am wearing on the table. It actually is a great snapshot of what the table set ups are, the current shoe styles and the fun of the surrounding reception. One of my favorite trends right now is brides wearing fun shoes with their typical wedding gowns. TT wore beautiful magenta heels in her January wedding. Gail wore these throwback silver heels that she wore to her father’s wedding  several years before… it was cute because they were a little retro and they were also her something borrowed. The trend that I am ALL about avoiding…. Dyed to match shoes for the bridesmaids. Why waste that money for shoes that are clearly for a wedding and you can’t wear again? Now, I think it is perfectly acceptable for a bride to approve bridesmaid shoes, but a big no to the “dyed to match” variety. Thank you my dear friends for not making me get awful dyed to match shoes!

In the last wedding, I borrowed a pair of heels so I wouldn’t have to buy a pair of champagne colored shoes that I would never wear again. They were cute, but I was in such pain I was crying when I got out of the ceremony. Literally in tears because they apparently has no padding. I had tried them around the living room, apparently  that is not the same as standing in one place in front of a room full of people. So, lesson learned: pick your shoes carefully. Even if you are going to flip flops later on… the shoes for the ceremony and the pictures matter… for your comfort and the bride’s happiness!

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