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Did You Hear? We had an Earthquake!

August 23, 2011

So, we had an earthquake today. Don’t know if you had heard that. Granted, I don’t know how anyone didn’t  HEAR about it… Facebook rather exploded with the news. Now, you may not have felt it. But a lot of people did… from Maine down to Georgia. Now in my little location here in the Southeast, a lot of people all around me felt the tremors. I unfortunately, did not. Well, I should take that back. I probably did feel it, but I am so accustom to my desk shaking from the construction going on around my office, that I don’t even notice the vibrations anymore. So, my very first earth quake (in my memory) and I missed it. I admit, I am a little sad about that. I mean, I don’t want to feel a 7 or 8 pointer, but to feel these little trembles would have been cool L

Well, I do know that the city I live in IS on a fault line. Actually a recent building in the area that was just renovated had additions put on all sides that gave extra space, but are also earthquake stabilizers. So we know we have the potential, it just happens so very rarely. I mean the last major earthquake (in my history banks) that was remotely in the area was the Charleston quake in the 1880s. If I remember from my geology and marine science classes in college, the dirt and rocks we have on this coast are different than on the west coast. It is more loose and sandy and clay-like, less rock? Anyway, whatever it is, the waves of the quakes travel in a different manner and go further, which is why we can fell them all over the place when a big one happens. Someone can correct me on that… those classes were seven or eight years ago now!

From what I have seen very briefly on the news and from my co-workers is that we are not use to this on the east coast, have no idea what to really do when it happens and  don’t have good plans in place. You duck and cover when one happens, but how many people actually do that? They mentioned on the news that many people thought it was a terrorist attack. That is what we have come to expect, we are waiting for the next terrorist attack. How very tragic is that? I heard a report that some ran down fifty flights of stairs to get outside, because they thought that. That is what we worry about anymore, the next attack. I think the fact that the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 is approaching probably has a lot of people on a heightened sense of awareness, but it is still a little sad. Other things are happening in the world… the rebels are winning in Libya, the crazy dictator is MIA, there is a hurricane gunning right for us, the stock market was a little better, the list goes on… but we are all talking about a little earth quake.

Ok, so I was in my office here in the South and didn’t even notice the shaking, but my admin assistant and other co-workers did. Where were you for the east coast quake of 2011?

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