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The A/C is off, and it is lovely

August 20, 2011

A crazy thing is occurring in my house right now; actually it is rather mindboggling… I have the air conditioning OFF, and the windows OPEN. In August. In the South. What on earth is going on in the world? It was only 75 degrees when I was driving home earlier in the evening. I guess the temps are about average for this time of year. The major thing happening that is allowing for the windows to be open is the fact that the humidity is not bad tonight. It has been so muggy here lately, when you step outside it is like being wrapped in a heated damp blanket and sweating uncontrollably with no escape. So that fact that it is barely noticeable tells you something. Generally the heat and humidity make it a sweltering miserable mess this time of year. But not tonight, tonight I have the windows open and it feels positively lovely.

So not only does getting to have the A/C off allow me to save on the electrical bill (which is painful after weeks of unbearable heat), but it also means the joy that comes with open windows. It airs everything out, gets a lovely breeze going, but more importantly… you can actually HEAR outside. The crickets are chirping, I can hear the cicadas buzzing on and off intermittently. Plus, the occasional bullfrog. Apparently we are in the 13 year cicada cycle here. At home in the Fort it is the 17 year cicada… regardless, they are disgusting to look at, but they don’t sound awful. Plus, the swelling of the noise doesn’t last that long… kind like a helicopter taking off and then moving away. It is nice to hear nature outside your window. Unexpected little bonus for my Saturday!

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