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Food, food and more food

January 5, 2012

It is well over an eight hour drive from my home in the South, to my hometown in the North. In 2011, I made that trip four times…. January to be in a wedding, February for the birth of little LiLi, July for a visit over the 4th Holiday, and December for my annual visit between Christmas and New Years.  That is nearly 5,000 miles of highway between here and there. It is always great to see my friends and family while I am there, but I also make a point to hit up some of my favorite eateries. A few to highlight:

  • Graeter’s Ice Cream. Oprah loves it and highlighted it on her show a few years ago, clearly it was a winner. I have been eating this stuff since I was a kid and it is AMAZING. They make it using the French-pot method, which I don’t entirely understand, but I get the impression it means smaller batches. Whatever it is, it is amazing. My favorite is a chocolate milkshake, or chocolate ice cream, or mint chocolate chip ice cream, or buckeye blitz ice cream. Okay, I like it all, who am I kidding. I had it at least three times while I was home, and when I went up in July I returned with a cooler full of the stuff. Check it out and order some today, or see if they have it in your local stores, they are starting to carry it in some Southern stores!


  • Aglamsesis Brothers is also another favorite ice cream shop that I hit up. They are a much smaller operation than Graeter’s, but they are so good. They have a lot of great flavors, but I love their sundaes and their stores. They make their own whip cream and make them in various flavors- my fave being the swiss chocolate! They also have an original and old school ice cream parlor… lovely black and white tile floors, a beautiful marble bar with these lovely stained glass lamps. It is like stepping back in time!


  • Montgomery Inn Barbeque. Okay, I fully realize that I am writing about a BBQ joint in the NORTH, when we all know the best BBQ comes from the South. Montgomery Inn is an exception. I won’t say that their meat is the best, but I love their sauce. It has a bit of a sweet taste to it and is perfect with their homemade chips. I didn’t get to eat there while I was in town, but I did pick up some sauce to bring back!


  • Izzy’s. Oh, my most favorite local sandwich place! I get the pastrami on wheat with cheese and a gigantic portion of creamy horseradish sauce. Served with the largest and most perfectly fried and seasoned potato pancake and perfect dill pickles made by the company. The whole meal is wrapped up with rice pudding. Really, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I can remember my Mom taking me there when I was little, we would eat in or get it to go and picnic outside the conservatory. Love their food.

Okay, there are about 10 to 15 more places that I adore. Pizza places, local hideaways, chili parlors, bakeries…. All so yummy! I will just have to do a few more editions of this post. Check them out if you are up there sometime.

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