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Translation Tuesday: Staycation

July 1, 2014

Ok, so it is not a southern term… we all know what a staycation is… you take vacation, but stay at home and don’t travel. They have become rather popular since the economy tanked a few years ago.


I am taking a staycation this week. My co-workers pretty much told me I needed to take a break before the insanity of August hits and get some rest. Besides, my cousin is getting married in September… at the beach… and it is turning into a multi-day family affair, so that will be my beach time.

I had many plans mapped out for this break in July… sanding and staining an old dining room table set, busting out the sewing machine, lots of reading and so on. All of that has been scrapped and my rest and relaxation time is turning to a project that is years overdue… buying a new car! The time has come to bite the bullet, so most of this week has been car research and getting pre-approved for loans. I am going to miss my car-payment free life. I’ve narrowed it down from a big list to a Corolla, Altima or Accord. Lots of pros and cons for all. Don’t worry, you all will get a whole break down of the process and my inevitable freakouts that go along with it. We are going to buy it on Friday- happy 4th of July to me!

In the meantime, I am at least enjoying getting to sleep in each morning and not set an alarm! Oh, and I am taking tips on how to buy a car!

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