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College Football v. World Cup

June 27, 2014

There is this thing going on right now, you may have heard of it, it is called the World Cup. Making the news a lot and apparently the USA is doing well, which is a miracle. We aren’t exactly known worldwide for our soccer playing skills. I know some of the very basics about soccer for three reasons 1. I did a student exchange to Germany, they like soccer there. 2. The guy I had a crush on in high school played soccer, so I saw some matches. 3. This is the biggest reasons… one of the players on team USA is an alum of Country Club College…. so even though he graduated way before I worked there (I think he is my age) people still LOVED him at the place and soccer was big…. so I heard about it a lot.

Yea, I know a couple of things… but overall, I don’t get it. I mean it looks like a cool game, I just don’t get this whole structure… how did we lose a game, but we still advance? I’m confused. Why can’t we just have a playoff system? I have appreciated the passion and enthusiasm from the fans though. Which of course, makes me think of college football and the SEC. ‘Cause lets be honest, we all know the SEC rocks. So when I saw Southern Living post this, I had to share!

via Southern Living

via Southern Living

I think soccer is a fun sport, I don’t really get it, but lots of people love it, so I am happy to see people getting behind it. And, it is probably less dangerous than football…. right? Less concussions? I wonder.

In other news…. 61 DAYS UNTIL KICKOFF!!

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