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Life Without Target

June 18, 2014

Somehow I have managed to not go to Target in a full six months. I first mentioned it in the winter HERE.And I have managed to keep it up.

I’m not mad at Target, I’m not trying to not shop there because of the whole data breach thing, I’m really just in competition with myself… cause I am weird like that. Now, it did start with being annoyed with the data breach but now it is just plain old competition.

So, what has the result of not shopping at Target for six months been?

  • I shop at Walgreens and Ulta a whole heck of a lot more for makeup and beauty products.
  • I am buying better shoes that seem to last longer… unsure how all that fits together, but some of my new flats from other stores have a lot less holes in them from wear.
  • I have bought more products from Publix and Kroger. Where I used to buy cards, cleaning products and such from Target… I now get them from Publix and Kroger… which does mean I am spending a little more money on them.
  • On the other hand, I am spending less money on random things. I can’t tell you how many times I would walk into Target only needing one thing and come out with ten. Darn those sales and the dollar bin! But that has happened a lot less in the last six months.
  • I miss the little snack shop in the front of Target. How sad is it that the thing I miss most is the snack stand?! But it is true… a popcorn or soft pretzel often were the best snack/ dinner and I miss it! Now if I want a soft pretzel I have to force myself to deal with the mall!

So, my goal was to make it six months without Target. I met the goal, yay me! Now I think I am going to push for nine months. It is hard to resist sometimes, we’ll have to see how it goes. Anyone else avoiding a store? Tips on how to keep it up?

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