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Boycotting Target?

February 3, 2014

I met up with friends the other night for dinner, but before I headed downtown I had some shopping to do. I’ve been in need of new luggage for a while now and I’ve been researching options for weeks, and I finally settled on Samsonite and picked up a set I liked at TJ Maxx ($200 for a multi-piece set instead of $400-$500 at the department store- yes, please). Anyway, I pulled into the shopping area which has a Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Publix, a bunch of other stores along with TJ Maxx and Target. And as I was getting out of my car I realized I haven’t been to a Target in well over a month in a half. Nuts.



To put this in context: I went to Target at least 3 times over Thanksgiving weekend alone. Several years ago I was offered a job in the mountains and the reason I give people when they ask me why I turned it down: because it is 45 minutes from the nearest Target. Okay, there were plenty of other reasons I didn’t take the job, but that is the easiest way I explain it to people and it was one thing on a long list. Like many people, I liked Target. Good prices, generally¬† have all the items I am searching for and it is always conveniently located. Bonus- it isn’t Wal-mart and I really dislike Wal-mart. I always do after holiday shopping there to get marked down prices on cards, wrapping paper, etc. So to not go there for a month and a half? Especially after Christmas? That’s just odd.

Here is the thing, I know lots of people have been really pissed off at Target because of this data breach. And now we know it is a couple of other stores as well, but nothing the size of Target. I did start getting odd emails and I did replace my debit card- even though I didn’t have any unauthorized transactions (I was lucky). I’ve been annoyed for sure, but I didn’t intentionally plan to stop shopping there… it just happened. At first I just didn’t trust the place and therefore didn’t really want to go. Since then I’ve broken the habit and now I’m in a competition with myself to see how long I can go without going there. So I didn’t plan to stop shopping there, but I have.

What do you think- weird? Anyone else given up on Target?

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  1. February 4, 2014 6:35 pm

    I couldn’t give up Target if I tried. I have been every weekend for at least the past month. No, probably longer. When I was in Florida, I even went to two different ones the same day!


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