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Throwback Thursday: Family Reunion, April 1990

April 17, 2014

Goodness, we were so little!

The Grandkids. Family Reunion. April 1990

The Grandkids. Family Reunion. April 1990

From left to right: Dane (7), Jenna (5), Me (9), Mattie (3), Blake (5). Ben was at this family reunion and was also 3, but I have no idea why he is not in this pic. It is overexposed. We are not remotely paying attention and we are all in our own world… but that is us. I can’t tell you how many pictures I have of us posed on couches over the years.

We were all at Myrtle Beach for a family reunion. Actually, it was my very first trip to Myrtle Beach.The last one before my Grandpa Bob passed away later in the year. So all of these pictures and memories are bittersweet. But I love these candid pictures of us and I’m so happy I have copies of them!

Oh, and I didn’t take this… clearly. I am nine. But it is a family photo so I’m claiming family ownership 🙂

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