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I Hate Pollen.

March 12, 2014

It is that time of year again… the time I love and hate… pollen season. I love the start of warm weather and I can’t wait for summer to get here. But first I have to suffer through the pollen. Specifically, the tree pollen.

The Enemy: Tree Pollen

Blooming trees

Blooming trees


And more tree pollen:




The solution to evil allergies!

The solution to evil allergies!

I love all of these things, and they are my personal solution to the nightmare of pollen season.

  1. Zyrtec- Even if it makes me a little sleepy, it works well.
  2. Flonase- Best prescription my doctor has even given me!
  3. Mucinex DM- This matters when I don’t start taking the first two items in time. Because if I don’t get a handle on the allergies soon, I then get a nasty cough. Working through it though!
  4. The eye mask- Because my under eyes and eye lids get all puffy and itchy.
  5. The eye glasses- I give up on the contacts because my eyes get miserable and go with the glasses. Granted, I love them. They are Kate Spade and we had a voting contest at the eye doctor’s office to pick the pair I got, we decided they were very academic- which fits!

So, add to this the fact that I limit the amount of time I spend outside between the end of February and the end of March and that is how I make it through pollen season! They are starting to get worse as I get older, I may need to cave and look at allergy shots in the future. Any other suggestions on how to survive pollen season?




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