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Translation Tuesday: Pollen Season

April 2, 2013

I have a love-hate relationship with this season. I love that it is spring… it is getting warmer, official flip flop season is closer, it is Easter time and Carolina Cup. However, with every spring season comes a hate time period… pollen season. For my part of the South it starts in early March and lasts until early to mid-April. All of the trees start to bloom and and they fill the air with pollen.

Pollen coating a tire and in a rain puddle.

Pollen coating a tire and in a rain puddle.

Pollen. I get that we need it for all of the plants to bloom, but I just hate tree pollen. I can literally feel it in the air… after I am outside for a few moments, I can feel my hands getting dirty from all the pollen in the air. The pine trees are the worst… they produce all of this yellow pollen that just coats everything. My car is black normally, but it looks like a bumble bee during pollen season because it is coated in pollen. It really doesn’t matter if you wash your car or not… it will be coated again within twenty-four hours. I love rainy days because it does help push some of it out of the air, I can actually go outside and breathe… but it comes back a few hours after the rain moves through. It is humorous after it rains though, you can see the pollen all pooled in the rain puddles. Which is also kind of disgusting, because you then realize you are breathing all of that stuff in.

Pollen coming off a pine tree

Pollen coming off a pine tree

Personally, I have horrible allergies. So sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion and so on are what I live with for a month or so each year. The pollen seems to be really heavy this year, I don’t know what is going on that is making it that way, but I can’t WAIT for these trees to get their leaves already so we can move on from the yellow coated mess! Anyone else have pollen season issues?

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