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Translation Tuesday: Dressing. Not Stuffing.

November 26, 2013

Oh, the debate between stuffing and dressing. That lovely side dish that at the very least involves bread crumbs and seasoning served alongside the turkey on Thanksgiving. In the North, they often stuff it inside the turkey cavity to cook… hence the title stuffing. In the South it is cooked in a casserole dish all on its own and is “dressing” for the turkey. A lovely side dish to add to dress up the plate.


Should you stuff the stuff inside? Does it cook all the way if you do? Does it absorb things it shouldn’t? You stuff a deer and mount it on the wall, you don’t stuff something and eat it. These are some of the lines I’ve heard over the years. Personally, my family has never been a fan of stuffing it inside the bird… especially with the advent of deep-frying the turkey, which is another southern invention. I do used the terms interchangeably though, pending whom I’m talking with.

So. Is is stuffing or dressing? If you live below the Mason Dixon line you better have the right answer!


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