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Southern Confession: I judge… on football team choice

November 25, 2013

It is rivalry week in my state. Eh, I guess it is rivalry week in a lot of places. The lovely week of the year leading up to all the “big” games in college football. My college team is a great team, and as much as I really dislike (strongly dislike) our rival team, they are (sadly) pretty good this year too. It is a fun week leading up to the game… even with it being Thanksgiving! There is a blood drive between the two schools, the running of the game ball from one school to the other (about 150 miles) that raises money for a charity, a no texting while driving pledge competition and a number of pep rallys. This rivalry has been going on for more than 100 years and has a long and storied history. Here is hoping my team pulls out a win, but regardless… I know it is going to be a great game. Since it is the last game of the regular season, I’m running out of time to post things about football in the South, which is tragic, because there is a lot to post! But I’ve been wanting to get this one in for a while:


I don’t care about your politics, your fashion, or your taste in music. I judge you solely based on your football team preference.

Yes, I do.

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