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God, Tea and the SEC

April 15, 2013

My oh my, do I love Pinterest. Sorry though, the chances of me ever posting a direct link to my boards here are slim to none. You’ll just have to be satiated with me posting items as I come across them. And I SO want to get this shirt!

When I talk to be about the South, I often talk about how much people love football. In my observation, people here love God, then football and then country. Granted, this shirt rhymes and it is sooo cute! But really, it is how things are here. It is not called the Bible Belt for nothing, Christianity is very popular here, churches are here there and everywhere. As I have already mentioned, sweet tea is the house wine of the South and  football is huge. The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is by far the best college football conference in the country and it is perfectly situated in the American South. Love the shirt…. love the concept of God, Tea and the SEC.

Oh… and we are only 135 days away from the start of football season! Woot!

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