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Translation Tuesday: Lilly

April 9, 2013

I have an entire list of potential blog topics… I carry it around in my Erin Condren Life Planner that I am obsessed with. One that has been on the list since the very beginning as a potential translation that I just hadn’t gotten around to is Lilly. As in Lily Pulitzer. Since she passed away this week, it would be appropriate that today’s translation be about the world she created.

Now, a  quick Google search will tell you that Lilly Pulitzer was an fashion designer and member of American high society. I actually didn’t know any of that until grad school. When I moved South for college I was introduced to Lilly. The brand. Just about every southern girl loves a good Lilly dress. To wear Lilly was (is) to be the epitome of Southern Bellness and prep princess. Lilly, as most women down here know it, are cute dresses (and other items, but the dress are the staple) in light and fun patterns. Personally, some of the patterns I loved and have salivated over, but there were plenty that just weren’t for me. However, you can bet that I am always perusing the Lilly section in my local Belk hoping to find something on sale that I just have to have.

Aren’t those prints just cheerful? I will never forget when I was working up at Country Club College, two girls show up to a cookout wearing the same Lilly dress. They laughed and we all snapped pictures because they were so cute, but that was just how popular it is… people love some Lilly, at least in the South. So, thanks Lilly Pulitzer for bringing this staple to so many closets, you definitely left a lasting legacy!

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