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Still Talking About San Antonio!

March 23, 2012

Continuing on with my review of the trip to Teeeeeexas! The Riverwalk was nice, clearly a tourist epicenter, but one of the prettiest I have ever seen. It is a rather peaceful and picturesque scene, with two exceptions: the annoyance of the ducks that harass everyone and the lack of a rail. I tried to find out numbers of how many people fell or were knocked in each year, but no one had an accurate number, other than it DID happen. Over the course of the four days we were there we did get to do a river cruise one evening which was a lot of fun. Our guide was very informative and put up with all of our questions (we are educators, what do you expect?) and the weather that night was just lovely! We also went up in the Tower of the Americas, which was a blast and gave us a great view of all of San Antonio at night!

As far as food… it was pretty good. I didn’t have anything that was spectacular, but considering we were in a tourist area, it was fine. Mexican a few times…. Casa Rio ( was the first night, and it is the oldest place on the RiverWalk, it was actually pretty mediocre. Bordering on outright bad… the chips and salsa were good, but the tacos were blah and the ducks trying to eat our food were a bit over zealous. Plus, the 45 minute wait was a little crazy and we were cold because they sat us outside.

Sunday night we hit up the Country Line ( ) and it was better than the night before, but not fabulous. Well, we didn’t have to wait forever and we had a really great server. Unfortunately, they had run out of a lot of stuff so there was none of their “famous” homemade bread, no lettuce for any of the salads and a few other things. I ordered the barbecue and I didn’t like it. I should be clear, it was good and tasted fine, I just didn’t like it. I just prefer Memphis or Carolina barbecue over Texas barbecue.  They did have a really good grilled sausage appetizer.

Monday night was a great dinner. We ate at Rita’s On the River ( and it was so yummy. Still not the most authentic Mexican, but it was pretty yummy.  I got chicken sour cream enchiladas  and we got an order of cheese queso…. So good! Good service, nice atmosphere and good hot food… it was a good last night in Texas dinner.

We grabbed lunch before we headed to the airport on the last day at the Republic of Texas restaurant ( on the Riverwalk. It was a perfect day… nice and warm, blue and sunny sky and a lovely meal with great colleagues. Highly recommend sitting outside there for a meal on a nice day!

Overall, loved San Antonio and would really recommend a visit to the city!!

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