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A Second Welcome

March 19, 2012

Hello to all of my new readers! When I started this little blog I didn’t think anyone but my family would be reading it, but a number of you out there in world have somehow stumbled upon the blog and have opted to follow it on a regular basis or have signed up to subscribe! So, thank you for checking in on a regular basis and welcome. Apparently the international crowd must find observations about living in the American South entertaining, because a number of you are coming from around the world. So an extra special hello to those of you reading on a consistent basis in: Ecuador, the Netherlands, Brazil and the Czech Republic!  Maybe you all keep tuning in to chuckle about how crazy it is that I have the air conditioning on in mid-March. Yes, I turned it on, go ahead and judge…. But it was 88 degrees today!! (I soooo blame global warming).

I have gotten a number of questions from people lately, so I figure I should provide some answers and brief recap of why I am writing all of these entries.

I am thirty-something who lives in the American South, and am what many call a Damn Yankee. Someone who is a native Northerner, as in they grew up above the Mason- Dixon line, but have opted to live in the South… which is the area below the Mason- Dixon line. Please see a previous entry on the definition of the Mason-Dixon line. I have been living here for eleven years and love it. I still miss my home in the North, but I really can’t do snow, so I am very happy here. I love being around my family and friends, working for my alma mater, traveling all over the place and eating good food. I especially love good Southerner food, with fresh steamed shrimp and hot hush puppies being one of my most favorite meal options. For more info please see the very first entry in this blog or the ABOUT section above. You can also find some of my favorite quotes and favorite stores/ restaurant/ blogs and so on in the header above.

I was either in a ton of weddings or attended a ton in 2010, so I have devoted Wednesday to generally be around the topic of wedding tips. I figure with all the time and money I shelled out for them, I should at least be able to share my observations about what I learned. I was in so many weddings that people kept telling me I was like the character in 27 Dresses. I can tell you all that I will scream if I hear that one more time. Now all the people who had the weddings are now pregnant or have had children, so I am learning a whole lot of new things that I didn’t really want to know, so you all may be reading a lot about that in the future. I really do not do diapers well, but my friends keep expecting that I know what the hell to do with them. I have plenty to cover in Southern language and such still, so Translation Tuesdays will still be around for a while as well. Finally, be on the lookout for a new feature in the near future about lessons I have learned from my friends over the years.

I recently got the question- why do you put images on your face or others faces when you post pictures on here? Well, the answer to that is pretty simple… it is the internet. If you know me already, you already know what I look like, where I live and what I do at work. If you also know me already, you already have access to a lot of pictures and such through Facebook or my photo web site. If you don’t know me… sorry, but it is the world wide web. There is only so much I am willing to share with strangers. And I have already been the victim of identity theft once in my life, I don’t need it again because of something I share on a blog.

Someone also inquired about the stickers I use and the copyright sign. I have gotten those through which is a web site I love. It has been easy and free to use and I have been a BIG fan. Thanks to Gail for letting me know about it. Unfortunately, they have been bought out by Google and the web site is going away next month. The upside is that they have made all of their premium content free… so that is why I have been using all sorts of different fonts and stickers lately… I figure I might as well play around with it while I can!

Well, thank you for following along as I talk about random things and for ignoring my propensity for run on sentences! Please feel free to keep asking questions and tune back in again soon!

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