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Wednesday Wedding Tips: The Bouquet Dance

February 15, 2012

Today’s tip on weddings is a new love I have when it comes to traditions! The bouquet dance!

As a single gal, I usually get annoyed when the bride does the bouquet toss. I just don’t feel it is necessary to be put on display for being single, so when my friends started doing this boquet dance at their weddings I thought it was brilliant! And not just because it meant I didn’t have to be sent to the dance floor, but because it is such a sweet way to honor other people and involve more guests at the wedding.

The bouquet dance is when all the married couples are invited onto the floor to have a slow dance. Then they are slowly eliminated from the dance. First the DJ will ask anyone who has been married less than a day to leave the floor (ie: the bride and groom). Then they will go up a variety of years. One year, five years, ten years, twenty years and so on. The couple that has been married the longest gets the bouquet! It is such a great concept and (hopefully) can give the bride and groom something to look forward to and strive for.

If you are planning a wedding I suggest giving it a try!

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