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Translation Tuesday: House Wine of the South

February 14, 2012

Sometimes you can tell that I am not a native Southerner. This becomes very noticeable when it comes the favorite drink in this region… sweet tea.

Sweet tea is also known as the house wine of the south and is by far the most consumed nonalcoholic beverage across the region. It is tea, loaded up with sugar when it is made, and served ice cold in a cold glass. You can always tell a Yankee in a restaurant because they will order an iced tea and when it comes they automatically add a sugar packet to the drink because they assume it in unsweetened. Nope, unsweetened tea is Yankee tea around here. It is also funny because they have the funniest look on their faces after they take a sip. Sort of a ‘what the hell is this?’

So, if you venture down here be sure to try out the house wine, and know that when you order tea, unless you are specific about sweet or unsweet, you are getting sweet. Now I just wish I actually liked any type of tea so I could partake!

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