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Translation Tuesday: Seersucker

January 31, 2012

We are in a bit of a heat wave for January, even in the South.  Seventy degrees in January is unusual, even for us. But this heat wave has me counting down to spring and the fun outside that will come with that. This of course, makes me think of Cup, as mentioned in an earlier blog. This of course, makes me think of the fashion that will be there, which leads me to the Translation Tuesday of the day…. SEER SUCKER!

There is not a material out there that is more class ically Southern in my mind than seer sucker.  It is a lightweight cotton fabric that is worn all the time in the South. It is perfect when it is so hot out, because it is actually lightweight and very breathable, which you want when it is hot as heck out and the humidity is driving you crazy. The fabric super soft, but a bit bumpy in texture. It is usually striped or checkered, and often in white and blue… but other colors are used as well. It looks great as pants, a skirt, a blazer, bow ties, a dress… really, it works for a lot of different clothes…. Totally doable in a full suit!

Story goes that it became very popular in New Orleans at the beginning of the 20th century and has grown from there. It was the material used in World War II for some women servicing in various roles in the military and they have a Seersucker day in the US Congress each June. So, seersucker, check it out… looks great with a pair of Sperry Top-Siders, but I guess that is a topic for another day!


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