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December 29, 2011

Greetings from the great white North, well the great white North to my converted southern self anyway… greetings from O-H-I-O! The land of cold and I am pretty sure that there is snow in the forecast for one day this week. I do NOT deal well with snow. I should rephrase that comment, I know what to do with snow, I am just not a huge fan of snow.

Specifically, I am okay with snow as pictured below.

Just barely covers the grass

See... it just stays in the grass, not on the street









It happens maybe once a year or once every couple of years in the South. It is pretty, it melts after a day or so, and it generally delights all the Southerners because they see it so rarely and school is usually cancelled because people don’t know what to do with the snow. For me, having grown up around snow, it is also entertaining to watch how all the people around me deal with it. FLURRIES are predicted and there is a rush on bread and milk, complete with every news station in the area reporting live from the bread aisle showing empty shelves. Really, it is never a lot of snow and it never last long…. Pretty, day off of work and a few good laughs from silly stories- I can handle that.

Now in the North however, I just can’t deal with the snow. See the pictures…

Snow, snow, snow

I mean, the city has giant warehouses full of salt to ice the roads.  The news stories aren’t about grocery stores, they are about the status of the salt supplies and how well the trucks are running to get it out… and what roads to avoid. We don’t even have a salt supply in the South! And it just snows so much and so often. I can’t stand scraping ice off the car in the morning or shoveling snow. Oh, the years I had of shoveling snow as a teenager… ick! It is no wonder that live in the South!


This is icepacked snow... not just snow. It was a rock and this was three days AFTER the storm!

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