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Wednesday Wedding Tips: Avoid David’s Bridal

November 16, 2011

As I am Skyping with the Bestie as I write this, I ran the topic by her and she has several pros and cons about the topic…. David’s Bridal. Now, for those of you who have been living under a rock, David’s Bridal is a national chain store for all of your wedding outfit paraphernalia. The bride dress, the bridesmaids, mothers of the bride/groom, flower girls. Dresses, veils, shoes (dyed to match), headbands, purses (dyed to match), shrugs… they have it all and I HATE THEM. With a passion.

Now the Bestie knows of this strong hatred, which was a small factor in opting to have her bridesmaid dresses made by a seamstress. It was a also a small factor in why TT opted to get her bridesmaid dresses at a cute boutique. But, the Bestie has pointed out several good things about David’s Bridal, which I must share:

  • Reasonable prices
  • Can be relatively fast
  • Decent selection of varying styles
  • All over the place, so people from out of town and are in the wedding party can get sized easily
  • Can go in and browse without too much trouble

Now, the many negatives:

  • The sales staff are pressured to make the sell, so they pressure you in turn. My friend EWH and I went shopping for her dress earlier this year and they were so forceful that she had to make a decision THAT day. Back off people.
  • Not the best quality
  • The Bestie’s dress when it came in looked like it had been shoved in the bottom of the bag and sat on for a week.
  • My college roommate Heather got her dress there and it had to have some major alterations. When she bought it they said no problem, we can take it up at the waist and it will be less than $100. When she took it back turns out they had lied and they had to take ALL the beading off the bottom and hem it from there… so it cost her several hundred dollars. And then they were rude!
  • The staff are not always very knowledgeable
  • I have had friends who have lost dresses there. And it took many extra weeks to then get the dress for the second time.

Now, imagine you have been in a lot of weddings, or just gone wedding dress shopping with a lot of friends. This never just involves ONE trip, but multiple ones. So all of these negative experiences build on one another. And I can say without a doubt, that I really dislike David’s Bridal. Try somewhere else folks, that is my opinion after shopping there many times!

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  1. November 18, 2011 7:32 pm

    Hey now… we had a great experience with our gay sales guy! I think it helps to go in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon. LOL.

  2. November 18, 2011 10:15 pm

    And you get the awesome guy we got that day. It is my only positive experience there!

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