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Wednesday Wedding Tips: The Mary Poppins Bag is a must have

July 13, 2011

Okay, another lovely edition of my wedding tips. This has to do with the survival bag of all survival bags. And really, it lived up to that name… but it got renamed to the Mary Poppins bag.

Who doesn’t love this movie and that bag? The whole concept started out as a mention from a work friend a few years ago… a makeup bag with some emergency items in it. By the time my the whirlwind of ten weddings ended, I had upgraded mine to a full on Mary Poppinsesque magic bag. You needed an emergency hem?  I not only had a sewing kit, but steam seam tape. Kiddies in the bridal party need to be occupied? Out of the giant pink bag come playing cards, coloring books and crayons. Is a little liquid courage needed before facing the photographer and a chapel full of people? Mini bottles of vodka were on hand, complete with single packets of lemonade mix to make a cool drink. Ibprofen for a headache was used by at least one parent in each and every wedding. It also showed how much people knew I was preapred, because everyone knew to come to me for the most random items.  You can laugh all you want, but it was used at every wedding by multiple people. I won’t be in a wedding without my hot pink Mary Poppins bag now!

I should also add, it not only pulled a ton of items from its depths, but it actually looked like the bag in Mary Poppins. A complete carpet bag in shape, except mine was hot pink and a leather material. My Aunt Joy gave it to me for Chirstmas a few years ago and has been perfect for wedding work since then!

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