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I Will NOT be eating more chicken, thankyourverymuch

July 9, 2011

Slight vent for this Saturday evening… two thumbs down to my local Chick-fil-a, a big two thumbs down. I consider Chick-fil-a to be a Southern staple and I am normally a big fan, but I will be avoiding them for a while and I definitely have plans to not go back to the one closest to my office anytime soon.

Why my sudden annoyance and frustration with the fast food king of the South? Well that would be this morning’s experience. I guess I can put partial blame to all of my friends on Facebook for posting all of the pictures from ‘dress like a cow day’… it had me developing a craving. So, I decided that on my way to the pool this morning, I would swing by and get a chicken biscuit. I like the chicken biscuit, good flavor and texture. I could taste the damn combination in my mouth. In short, I  was looking forward to my breakfast.

So, I go to the one closest to my apartment and get in line in the drive thru. The drive thru at the fast food chain that had me sitting in line for 15 minutes to place an order. Yes… I waited in line, I wanted my biscuit. Also, they have the site designed so that once you are in line you can’t get out. Both sides of the building and the back end where you order trap you in with concrete walls or giant cones that are anchored down. So there is no leaving. I sit there for 15 minutes until I get up to the little box and I get to order my chicken biscuit and large coke (I was taking MG to the pool, I needed caffeine to survive pool time with the energetic 8 year old). SO, I place my order and what does the woman tell me? Oh, it is 10:34 and they stop serving breakfast at 10:30am, would I like a chicken sandwich instead? NO YOU NUT, I WANT MY CHICKEN BISCUIT!!!! My chicken biscuit that I was in line for well before the 10:30am cutoff time to end breakfast.  I was highly annoyed. I made the comment that it was only 10:30 and their sign said they served until 10:30. She had the gall to tell me that they worked by the clock and it was 10:34. Seriously? I really, don’t think it would have been as frustrating had I not sat in line for 15 minutes. I was there before the damn 10:30am cut off time. And for the record, MY clock said 10:30!

 So, since I couldn’t get out, I proceeded with my soft drink order. This had me sitting in line for another EIGHT minutes. Even after that time, I still wasn’t up to the window. I had managed to get to a point where I could pull out of the line if I angled my car just right, so I bolted.  I have never been so annoyed or felt that my time had been wasted so much. Bad service, bad site design and it completely goes against the concept of FAST FOOD. So Chick-fil-a…. it is going to be a long while before you my money again. Even when that does happen, it is not going to be at this location. They’ve lost my business. Four minutes people. It was four minutes before their slowness allowed me to get to that little ordering box. Ugh.

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