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The Christmas Cake Fail

December 23, 2014

Folks, I like to think that I’ve shown myself to be a decent cook over the last few years of keeping this blog. As I’ve mentioned, I am from a foodie family, so you have to learn how to cook. Now, I admit… I am probably a better baker than a cook. Last Christmas we did the holiday celebrating over at my Aunt Joy and Uncle Brian’s house and I was in charge of dessert. I typically do pies, but Pinterest had inspired me and I decided to do a cake. What could be more festive at Christmas than a cake with cranberry, orange and nuts?

I should have stuck with the damn pies.


This is what I attempted to create: A cranberry cake from Taste of Home

I mean really, start with a basic cake mix. Add some other things in. Not hard, right? The only thing I did differently… I soaked the cranberries overnight in OJ and I made it into a bundt cake and not a layer cake. This is the disaster I got:

Looked okay coming out of the oven....

Looked okay coming out of the oven….

and then…

I took it out of the pan

I took it out of the pan

and it fell apart

and it fell apart

It wasn’t just that part of the top came off, it was so crumbly and literally one side was disintegrating. So, I thought… maybe I can use the frosting to act as a glue to help it stay together? That has helped me in small cake scrapes before…..

and it got worse

and it got worse


Literally, one side of the cake was just collapsing. It was noon at this point and I was heading over to the family thing and 2. Time was running out. So, I pulled out a big knife….

the final product

the final product


I cut out the horrible part the was falling to pieces and went with a half of a cake. It still looked awful, but you could at least cut a slice without it totally falling a part. It tasted good… but more like a super soft cranberry muffin with cream cheese frosting. A year later, my family is still giving me a hard time. Lesson learned: I am sticking with holiday pies. At least I can laugh about it. Got love the #PinterestFail

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