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Throwback Thursday: Thanksgiving 1990 in Medina, Ohio

November 27, 2014

I believe I have mentioned before that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It has also been a big holiday with my Dad’s family. It is kind of a bummer that in the past few years we have not done something big as a family, but life changes. I am hanging out with my Dad today and running around to say hello to some other family members in town. Today’s throwback is to Thanksgiving 1990. My Dad, his girlfriend and I drove up from Cincy to my Aunt Wen’s house outside Cleveland in Medina, Ohio. My Uncle Bri, his boys and my Grandma Pat drove up from the South and we all spent a long holiday weekend at my Aunt Wen and Uncle John’s farm.

I remember my cousin Jenna and I making feather beds on floor of the living room. We were at the age where we would split into boys versus girls. So Jenna and I would play Barbies and Mattie, Blake and Dane would try and drive us crazy. There was always singing and always some incident of me trying to boss my cousins around. That was always the fun of being the oldest 🙂  I totally remember finding a long wooden stick, putting string on it and adding a safety pin as a hook and fishing in the pond. Yep- didn’t catch anything.  But I do remember a fun Thanksgiving for a nine year old!


The Family. Thanksgiving 1990 in Medina, Ohio.

The Family. Thanksgiving 1990 in Medina, Ohio. From Left to Right in the Back. My Grandma Pat, Dad, Dad’s girlfriend at the time, Aunt Wen and Uncle John. Front- Uncle, Bri kneeling, me standing in pink, Blake and Dane kneeling, Jenna in green, Mattie with the dog- Jake I think


This was the first holiday after my Grandpa Bob had passed away that summer, so it was fun but a little sad.

Jenna and I singing Christmas songs

Jenna and I singing Christmas songs

Love the 1990s outfits.

Jenna, Blake and me. Ages 5, 5 and 9.

Jenna, Blake and me. Ages 5, 5 and 9.


Dane and Mattie. Ages 7 and 3

Dane and Mattie. Ages 7 and 3

I love this picture for several reasons. 1- Dane’s face. 2- Mattie’s hair and outfit 3. The old school diet coke bottle 4. Why is my 3 year old cousin taking pliers to a coke bottle? What the heck?

Shockingly, I have no pictures of food. But we sure were a fun family that weekend.


I hope each of you out there have a wonderful holiday! I am going to enjoy my family, good food and reminders for all that I am thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

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