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Throwback Thursday: Student Staff Training, Fall 2009

October 30, 2014

I’ve been a little homesick lately, homesick for Country Club College which I left five years ago! Probably because I keep in touch with so many of my past students and it was CCC’s homecoming last weekend, so it blew up my Facebook newsfeed.

Student Staff Training Field Day. Fall 2009

Student Staff Training Field Day. Fall 2009


This picture is from August 2009, that is me in the front with the sunglasses. It was an odd tradition that during one of the last days of fall training, we would have a field day and somehow all end up covered in flour and other gunk. I have no idea how this started, but here is my staff covered in all sorts of stuff after running around on a field on an August morning answering trivia questions and taking on team challenges. So happy I had that job and got to work with so many great students. More lucky that so many of them became my friends!


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