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Translation Tuesday: The Monogram

July 22, 2014

According to Google, a monogram is: a motif of two or more letters, typically a person’s initials, usually interwoven or otherwise combined in a decorative design, used as a logo or to identify a personal possession.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Now, I got my first monogrammed accessory when I was in middle school. Remember, I grew up above the Mason-Dixon line. Monograms weren’t all the rage like they are down here. No, my first piece was a monogrammed broach of my initials from my Grandmother who lives down here. She was born and bred in the South, minus a stint in NYC for several years after she was done with college. I digress. Anyway, she had already sent me a couple of pieces… broaches, necklaces, bracelets, purses and such with my monogram on them before I moved down for college. Therefore, it wasn’t a shock for me to see it when I moved down south.

Back in the day monograms really were used surrounding weddings. Often given on gifts when a woman got married to symbolize her taking her husband’s name. They popped up on a lot of towels. And this definitely still happens, but it is not reserved just for weddings and such now.

Monograms. It is just a big deal down here. I mean, people monogram their norts, their rain boots, icons for the back of their car. Do I like monograms- yes. Do I think some people are little obsessed with it and take it too far at times- yes. I mean norts with a monogram on them? These are gym shorts people. It seems a little much to me. But hey, that is only my opinion, and probably an excellent reminder that I am a converted southerner and not born and raised.

So, why is it such a big deal? Well, for one it is a fashion thing. But really, the reason my Grandmother was so sweet with things like that was that it was a PERSONAL gift. Something clearly picked out just for me, and isn’t that the best sentiment behind a gift? Something that was selected just for you? I think it is sweet.

via pinterest

via pinterest

And so now you know…. if you come to the South, don’t be surprised when you see everything monogrammed… from shoes to coolers. We love out monograms down here!

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  1. July 23, 2014 12:09 am

    I have a southern friend who moved to the PNW for a while who had her monogram on the rear window of her car. Never seen such a thing! Although hers are a good ~14″ tall, I did follow her lead and put 4″ initials on my car. 😉


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