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Throwback Thursday: My Great-Grandparents, 1923

July 10, 2014

This throwback is from before I was born. The engagement photo for my great-grandparents in 1923.

1923, New York City. My Great Grandparent's Engagement photo

1923, New York City. My Great Grandparent’s Engagement photo


My Papa Willi immigrated from near Hamberg, Germany after World War I, 1919 or so. My Nana Louise  immigrated from a little town outside Stuttgart, Germany in 1921. I even have her immigration paperwork. He worked at a dairy, she worked as a nanny to twin boys in New York City. They met in 1922 in NYC, got engaged in 1923 and married in 1924. He passed away in the 1970s before I was born, but Nana Louise lived through the early 1980s and passed away when I was three… I actually do remember her. How lucky is that?

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