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Watch Out for Gators

May 5, 2014

Personally, when I think of Gators, I think of Florida. There is a reason the University of Florida has them as the mascot… they are all over southern Florida. Sometimes I forget them we have them here along the coastal lower south… but we do!

Watch Out for Gators... via Pinterest

Watch Out for Gators… via Pinterest


When I was a kid and we would go on vacation down to the Carolina Coast, we would automatically start Gator Patrol. See how many we could spot. I always knew to be careful near swamps and such. Didn’t think much about roads, until this made the rounds on social media today: Gator Crosses the Road Near Coast


Ugh. I’m gonna have Crocodile Dundee on the Atlantic Coast nightmares tonight. And, yes, I know the differences between alligators and crocodiles. Alligators have just never been the subject of a hit movie franchise, now have they? (We’re just going to forget about that 3rd Dundee film). Be on the lookout the next time you head South!


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