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Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

April 27, 2014

Last week I volunteered for a HUGE event on campus- Discovery Day. This is a day where undergrad students present posters and oral presentations on their various research experiences over the course of the year. Several hundred students participate and a lot of volunteers are needed to make it all run smoothly…. so I volunteered from 8am-5pm. Long day, great student presentations (seriously, every year they just get smarter)! At the end of the day I was helping the organizers pack everything up and they were talking about how well the event had gone and they didn’t need any of their contingency plans. They had a plan for rain (wet floors and student unions and presenters in suits do not mix well), they had a plan for technology issues and so forth. They also had a plan for the Zombie Apocalypse. I kid you not. Apparently, it was a joke from the husband of one of the organizers, but they did have a written protocol on what to do in case of Zombie Apocalypse. I’m organized with my events… but not THAT organized.

Seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing. But I was laughing along with them. So, when I stumbled across this gem on Pinterest, I couldn’t help but laugh. The BEST line? “Killing Zombies is just one more ‘other duties as assigned.'” Too funny!


Why Student Affairs Professionals will survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Why Student Affairs Professionals will survive the Zombie Apocalypse



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  1. Carol Daniels permalink
    April 27, 2014 9:53 pm

    My favorite post!!

    Carol D.


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