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Duct Tape and The Force

April 5, 2014

Truth: I’m a Star Wars fan. I should be more specific, I am a fan of the Stars Wars movies. Mainly because I developed a giant crush on Harrison Ford at age 8 or so when I first saw the original series… which then led me to becoming a fan of the movies. Don’t ask me about the books or the expanded universe or all of the various other things… I know the six movies. Besides, I kind of like the plot line and the central concept of The Force and one thing guiding us all. Anyway, I found a notebook from grad school the other day, where I had written this quote down after being bored in class or a meeting. I clipped it out when I found it again and made a point to look it up on Pinterest to see if there was a graphic version… there was.


I also have a belief in duct tape and that it can fix almost anything. Currently, it is holding up the right side of the blinds in my bedroom because one of the strings broke and I don’t know how to install new blinds (that is a project for another day). I think this quote is funny, accurate and it make me smile.

“Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together.”

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