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Translation Tuesday: The Low Country

January 28, 2014

For how much I love the low country, how have I not done a Translation Tuesday on it yet? And I mean the low country that I love, not the low country in Europe (which is a cool place, but I’m not in love with it like I am mine).

via pinterest

via pinterest. The lowcountry of the American south east, leaving out just a bit north of Charleston, SC.

The  low country in the American southeast is the geographical area that stretches from the southern Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina down through the upper coast of Georgia. Scientifically, it really all comes down to geology… it is literally the low-lying area that hugs the coast  and is at sea level and runs up until the geology changes and hits the sand hills and the dirt literally changes. So it goes inland for many miles. Oh, it also includes all of the sea islands along the coast in those areas. There are also plenty who think there is a social definition… but I tend to follow the science one.

The low country is filled with salt marshes, palmetto trees, sweet grass and pampas grass. There is great seafood that is fresh caught, the wonderful smell of sulfur rising from the marshes, the super cool culture of the Gullah and Geechee people. Not to mention all the old plantation sites, golf courses buffered by marshes, beaches that roll into marshes, historical sites and so on. Let’s not forget that the oldest cities in these states were founded in these areas… Charleston in the late 1600s and Savannah in the early 1700s. A lot has happened in those nearly 300 years… so lots for history buffs to explore!

Love the lowcountry! And yes, you can spell it all as one word or you can space out low and country.

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