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My new neighbor, the flock of birds?

November 16, 2013

As I’ve mentioned, I moved out of downtown and into the suburbs this past summer. I live near a lovely lake and am only 20 minutes from downtown (12 miles), six to seven minutes from the mall and major shopping area in town… so not exactly the middle of nowhere. However, because it is near the lake and the river that comes from the lake, it does feel a little like you are in the country. It is nice… some long and windy roads with lots of trees along them and it is far enough from the lights of downtown that you see the stars nicely. And there are plenty of neighbors, lots of subdivisions… so it is not the middle of nowhere But for some reason, a new family have moved into the neighborhood… a family of birds?

Hens in the yard?

Hens in the yard?

I’ve seen them twice now, they are noisy as a group of 13 year-olds having a sleep over and they run around like they have no plan. I posted to Facebook and someone said they may be domesticated guinea hens? Anyone heard of these? And if they are domesticated, does that mean they belong to someone and I need to track them down? Excuse me neighbor down the road, do you mind keeping your guinea hens out of my yard? They’re waking me up on my day off.

Only in the South, folks. Only in the South.

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