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Translation Tuesday: The Southern Freakout

November 12, 2013

Now, there could be a number of things that would actually cause a southerner to freak out. The loss of a major college football game, a category five hurricane, the loss of a favorite BBQ joint, and snow.

Yes, snow. And what is it doing right now on the car in the my driveway? SNOWING! In November. I moved out of Ohio to get away from this stuff! Sigh.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest


Now, it is not accumulating…. it is not cold enough and there is still a lot of rain mixed in. But there is definitely a dusting of white stuff on the top of the cars. But southerner DO freak out about snow. I’ve already seen two Facebook posts asking if school will be canceled tomorrow. It won’t- we don’t need much to have schools closed, but we do need more than we will see. Snow It doesn’t happen here a lot. I’m not a fan, but it is super entertaining to see how Southerner’s react. When the weathermen call for any accumulation, even if it is an inch…. there will be a run on bread and milk. Complete with TV news stations reporting live from the grocery store. Seriously. Gotta love the Southern Snow Freakout. Based on the weather tonight, I have a bad feeling we may get several reports of this in the coming winter.

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