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Wild Game Night

November 2, 2013

Really, I feel like I never slow down. I’ve been booked every single weekend since the middle of September…. either something for work or a wedding or an event leading up to a wedding. This weekend is no different, and yesterday I arrived in Norfolk, VA for a conference.

I had some downtime a little this morning before the conference started so I went up to Yorktown… more on that in a different post. I quickly wanted to share what we discovered at dinner last night.

We wandered around downtown Norfolk, which is an adorable town, and found the Freemason Abbey restaurant. It is a restaurant in an old church built in the late 1800s. AMAZING atmosphere for a restaurant, really go just for the atmosphere and the Bailey’s cheesecake. So good. The salmon I had for dinner, mediocre and overcooked… the cheesecake though- yum!

But this was also happening….

Wild game night at Freemason Abbey in Norfolk, VA

Wild game night at Freemason Abbey in Norfolk, VA


Yep, it was wild game night! I’m sorry, but rattlesnake, kangaroo, or possum as an entree just doesn’t sound appetizing to me. I stuck with the salmon. But it just proves, that it doesn’t matter where you go in the South… if you can catch it and stuff it… you can also probably saute it up and eat it. Never a dull food moment down here.

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